Similar Areas (ENG)


We have measured the similarity between all hubs presented in the platform in terms of three main categories; movement, demography and competitive situation. Each category is a combined similarity measure of more specified measurable attributes.


The three similarity measures are based on the following specific attributes:

  • Demographics similarity:
    • Age distribution within the area
    • Number of households within the area
    • Population density in the area
    • Median income in the area
    • Age distribution within the catchment areas
    • Number of households within the catchment areas
    • Median income within the catchment areas
  • Movement Pattern similarity:
    • Density of people staying in the area for other reasons than work or home
    • Movement pattern of the people staying in the area for other reasons than work or home
    • How many people arriving to the area from remote areas
    • Public transport availability
  • Competitive Situation similarity:
    • Density of concepts within the area
    • The fraction of total revenue in the area that each industry is taking up
    • The fraction of total number of concepts that each industry is taking up
    • The size of the area

How to use Similar areas

The three similarity categories can be viewed separate or combined to get an impression of the overall similarity. However, be aware that when combining the similarity categories, one might risk canceling out important similarity factors and thereby loose valuable information.

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